Practice Management for Music Therapists

The practice management system that music therapy business owners have been searching for is finally here! Designed by music therapists for music therapists, Practice In Tune will help you TRACK your finances, DOCUMENT securely, and GROW your BUSINESS.

Schedule Your Sessions

Keep track of your business’s events and sessions with one central calendar whether you are a solopreneur or have a rapidly growing team. With recurring events, you can set it and forget it! Automatically send session reminders to increase attendance and decrease late cancellations. Color categorize your events by session type or by therapist for easy viewing.

Document Your Sessions

Streamline your documentation process using one of our already created note templates. Once you set your clients’ goals and objectives, they are automatically generated for documenting each session for individuals or groups.

Manage Billing & Get Paid

Tired of having to track your client documentation in one place and enter information to create invoices using a separate tool? Practice In Tune auto-generates client or facility charges based on sessions scheduled in the calendar. Add received payments and know exactly what each private client or facility owes at a glance. Create and send invoices that can be paid instantly with securely stored credit card info.


There is a HUGE need for this program in the music therapy community. It seems like every day I see someone asking about software options for music therapists. I am so excited to have previewed Practice In Tune and to begin using it when it becomes available. It’s the exact tool I have been missing in my practice.

Samantha Lowry, MT-BC

Practice in Tune allows me to schedule clients in one central place, create goals and objectives, and track what is owed by each client and facility. I love that it’s created by music therapists because of the consistency in terminology and concepts. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a product!

Melissa Heffner, MT-BC

Helps You Get it Done

More inspiring features to keep your business running smoothly.


Upcoming schedule and sessions are conveniently accessible from the moment you log in. Track total number of clients and your weekly number of sessions.

Clients & Team Members

All clients and team members are organized to show their demographics, family or facility contact information, payment information and documentation history.

A Dedicated Solution Specifically for Music Therapists in Private Practice.

Pracitice in Tune is a HIPAA compliant tool created specifically for music therapists by music therapists. No more forcing a tool to only sort-of do the things you want it to.

HIPAA Compliance

Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Keep your client information and documentation secure in a HIPAA compliant manner. Practice in Tune encrypts and stores data using Amazon Web Services, a HIPAA compliant provider. All data are encrypted using SSL in transit and encrypted at rest. We also offer a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) that will keep you covered and give you peace of mind.

"As a music therapist, you deserve to do what you LOVE while also creating a strong and sustainable practice."

– Mary Altom, MT-BC and co-founder of Practice in Tune

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