Product Features

Our suite of inspiring features allows your practice to run seamlessly.

Interactive Client Portal

Whether you have two clients or hundreds of clients, you can keep them in the loop through our client portal. With options including messaging, note history, and payment information this portal helps you and your clients stay up to date on all aspects of their session. 

A Calendar That Does It All 

Create recurring events and take attendance. View by month, week, or day. Client charges are automatically created based on calendar events so you are never left wondering who owes what or how much. Filter by therapist or client and color code events until your heart is content.

Personalized Session Notes

Practice in Tune pulls each client’s specific goals and objectives every time you complete documentation. No more copying and pasting or creating a new copy of a previous document. Use SOAP note, rating scale, percentage scale, or written summary format.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

All aspects of your business are stored in one place! From your calendar to your documentation – this tool can do it all.


Your schedule and sessions are conveniently accessible from the moment you log in. Keep an eye on your key performance indicators such as upcoming sessions and number of clients.


A monthly, weekly, or daily view of all your practice’s events simply seen in a color categorized and organized way. Create recurring events and filter by client or team member. View attendance at a glance.

Clients and Team Members

All clients and team members are organized to show their demographics, family or facility contact information, payment information and documentation history. 


Documentation Templates

Customize your documentation process for each client to see progress in a way that works for you. Effortlessly track goals and objectives for each client.


Send automated session reminders, session notes, or personalized messages to clients or facilities easily in one central place. Messages are secure and HIPAA compliant.

Accounts and Invoices

Instantly know what you are owed based on events added to your calendar. Manually add transactions and payments. Collect payments automatically using Stripe integration.

How Do We Compare?

"You know a system fits your practice perfectly when it allows you time to focus on the important thing: the people."

-Jamie Rifkin, MT-BC, MHA and co-founder of Practice in Tune

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