Watch our training videos to learn how to effortlessly use Practice In Tune features.


Add team members

Use the “+” sign to add a new team member. Add their personal information. Click next to edit privileges. Once saved, the team member will automatically receive a welcome email and sign in link to create an account.

Add clients

After your team members have been added, it’s time to add clients!

Navigate to the clients tab and select the “+” sign to add a client.

(Have a lot of clients? Scroll to the next video to use the client import feature) 

Client information is broken into 3 sections:

  1. Client Personal Information
  2. Client Contact Information
  3. Payor Information

 Add the desired information for each section. It is possible for the information to be the same or different for all sections.

 If you have selected “Enable Portal Notifications,” the primary contact will receive an email invitation to create an account and log in. They will be able to see only THEIR information in the portal.

If you have selected “Receive Appointment Reminders,” the contact will receive appointment reminders.

Make sure to enter the default client session/unit price!

Import Feature

If you have lots of clients to enter at one time, use the import feature. Navigate to settings in the upper right corner, and select “import.” From here you will upload an .xslx file with your spreadsheet of client information.

Pro tip #1 Pre-format your .xslx document prior to uploading. This will save you editing time later!

Pro tip #2 Work in small batches. The program ensures you complete all required fields for all clients. In other words, if you have 400 clients, enter 25-50 at a time. 

Add note templates

(optional for getting started) From the note template tab, create your preferred documentation format. If you wish to use one of the built in formats, skip this step! 

Set your calendar

(optional for getting started) From the note template tab, create your preferred documentation format. If you wish to use one of the built in formats, skip this step! 


After your sessions have occurred, select the event (occurrence) on the calendar. Click the “paper with a +” icon. Mark attendance and complete documentation using your preferred format. After attendance and documentation are complete, charges will populate in the Accounts & Invoices tab.

Track who owes and get paid

From the Accounts & Invoices tab, there are 3 tabs.

  1. Accounts. A list of all payors. From here you can click into individual transaction histories
  2. Payments. Add payments or other charges manually. Sort and search as needed.
  3. Invoices. Create an invoice for any payor. If you are connected to stripe, your payor may use the link in the pdf to make an online payment. Alternatively, if the payor has card information on file, you may charge the card automatically.

More Help

Take advantage of all the things Practice In Tune can do.


Your schedule and sessions are conveniently accessible from the moment you log in. Primary dashboard indicators include: number of clients, number of sessions left for the week, and number of sessions that have UNmarked attendance.


 Stripe allows you to take credit card payments. Practice in Tune does not charge extra fees to use Stripe, but you will still pay standard Stripe fees of 2.9% + $.30 per successful charge.  Set up Stripe by navigating to settings and by following the onscreen instructions.

Practice Settings

Here are a few things that you can do in the practice settings: Update your practice information and logo. Maintain your Practice in Tune subscription, connect to Stripe, and bulk import clients!

Client Portal

Give contacts access to the client portal from the contact information page of any client. The contact will receive an invitation to sign up for the portal. They will be able to view their calendar only, send messages, to their assigned therapist, and view/pay invoices directly.



Knowing your numbers informs good business decisions! Create pdfs reflecting the metrics of your practice. You can create pdfs of the following: Billable Hours by Team Member, Billable Hours by Client, & Total Number of Hours by Category.



Securely converse with any team members or clients who have access to the portal. Once you send a message, the portal user will receive an email letting them know to log in to view their message. This keeps your conversations secure.

"You know a system fits your practice perfectly when it allows you time to focus on the important thing: the people."

-Jamie Rifkin, MT-BC, MHA and co-founder of Practice in Tune

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